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Our Studio

BREKAWAL is an international production, service provider and collaborative studio dedicated to animation.

We create challenging and accessible entertainement, that aims at breaking storytelling, visual and genre codes, among others.

Each of our members carries a strong desire to develop a positive and inclusive influence. 

Our goal is to break the walls to bring people together, learn, understand and therefore improve our plots. For this reason, we pay a particular attention to the way we tell our stories. 

BREKAWAL is a studio that refuses shortcuts and implement rigorous processes to ensure the quality of all our productions.

We produce 2D and 3D tailor-made projects. We handle the research, creation, development, fabrication and financial aspects of animated movies and series, for all ages.

We are specialized in executive production and service providing, gathering for you efficient and talented teams, ensuring a solid and demanding quality of execution.


BREKAWAL STUDIO ensure the writing and graphic development, essential for the fabrication of projects.

We implement tracking processes, collaboratives and transparent monitoring for an optimal communication.

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